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MSJ Moving West | Moving Supplies

MSJ Moving West is pleased to provide our customers with a wide-range of moving supplies and at reasonable pricing. Packing of your items using respectable quality material is very important to ensure your precious items arrive safely and undamaged at the intended destination. We do carry strong uniformly-sized boxes in addition to plethora of other items such as moving blankets, tape rolls, bubble wrap, china barrels, wardrobe boxes and many more items.

If you book your move with MSJ Moving West, we will work with you to determine the supplies that will be required for your move. On your moving day, our trucks come equipped with many moving supplies in the event that they will be required.

A wide selection of moving material is important for a successful move. It will ensure your items are transported safely and without damage. In addition proper moving supplies will also help alleviate the associated stress of moving from your current residence to your new home. You will also be glad to know that we carry environmentally responsible supplies and properly dispose of any used and old moving supplies accordingly.

If you need to purchase large or small cardboard moving or packing boxes, MSJ Moving West has the solution for you. We carry strong boxes in a variety of sizes and all the necessary supplies, including tape, bubble wrap and much more. If you have a requirement for packing unusually sized items, let us know and we can discuss various options.

MSJ Moving West | Packing Boxes

Moving Boxes and Bins

Wardrobe boxes are the only box type because it’s specifically designed for your hanging wardrobe. You don’t have to awkwardly carry your clothing or neatly pack in a box or bag which will only get clothing in a tangled mess. Typically, two wardrobe boxes will be required for each full closet. If you have a walk in closet, simply divide the linear feet of hanging clothes by two and that will tell you how many wardrobe boxes you’ll need.

MSJ Moving West | Watdrobe Boxes

Moving Boxes and Bins

Packing your items in bubble wrap will provide extra surface protection and cushioning for your possessions. Be sure to use bubble wrap for your cherished items as it will easily conform around the item for a safe and break-free move.

We also carry large rolls of shrink-wrap which is very versatile, strong and ideal for wrapping your furniture for an extra layer of protection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you should require bubble wrap or shrink wrap for your next move.

MSJ Moving West | Shrink Wrap | Bubble Wrap

Bubble and Shrink Wrap

Our moving blankets are used to wrap furniture and other fragile items, prior to moving and loading them on our service vehicles. You will feel more confident knowing that your furnishings are well padded in thick and soft padding during transport to your destination.

MSJ Moving West | Clean Padded Blankets

What you see here by no means represents a complete list of our packing items. For a complete list of items and pricing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to MSJ Moving West for further information.

Moving Blankets

MSJ Moving West | Homestar Reviews MSJ Moving West is here to provide superior customer service and a stress free move. Over thirty years in business, service-oriented, integrity and happy customers from cost-to-cost-to-coast has proven to be successful for us. What do you think of our service? Care to share your experience with rest of world? Click on the Home Stars logo below and leave some kind encouraging words, we would appreciate this!

HomeStars Review Our Work

Residential Moving: Need more square footage in your life? Maybe less? Relocating for work or other business purpose? When it comes to moving you and your family, why would you trust just any moving company with all of your personal possessions? MSJ Moving West has the perfect moving solutions for all of your residential moving needs.

Business Moving: A successful business move requires extensive planning and a smooth transition for not only your talented employees, but your business assets as well. We fully understand that any down time can mean both productivity and financial loss. Let MSJ Moving West work with your decision makers to plan, implement and execute the perfect relocation of your entire business into its new home while mitigating risk and reduce stress as much as possible.

Delivery Service: Don’t get caught off guard with expensive delivery and setup options for any newly purchased furniture or appliances. Many vendors will not mention delivery fees until you have made your purchasing decision. Why take the chance when MSJ Moving West can pick up and deliver all your items and setup or assemble furnishings at respectable rates? We even hall off old items and ensure proper disposal and recycling of all packaging material.

Heavy Hauling: MSJ Moving West is extensively called on for hauling of heavy machinery such as, farm equipment, construction equipment and specialty items. We are well known and used by many prominent construction firms and various industries around the province. If you need a rig transported, farm equipment relocated or just have large, bulky items for transport, be sure to contact MSJ Moving West for complete service at competitive rates.

Moving Supplies: On your moving day, can expect out team to show up, In full uniform with many clean-padded blankets for your furniture, all the box tape we need, a plethora of moving boxes, lots of bubble wrap and shrink wrap. We also come prepared with all the right tools to help disassemble your furniture, take down the book shelf, and ensure all your items are prepared and coordinated for safe, scratch and damage free move.

Leisure Items: Need to transport an automobile, motorcycle, see-doo or other leisure items? MSJ Moving West has been transporting leisure items from cost-to-cost for what seems like an eternity. Don’t leave the transport of these items to just any company. Instead, you can rely on MSJ Moving West to safely transport your items anywhere you need.

Packing & Unpacking: If your just too busy with the daily grind, dropping off and picking up the kids to or from school, have important appointments or a demanding career, MSJ Moving West is pleased to offer a full range of packing services in addition to crating of precious items such as paintings, motorcycles and much more.

Piano Moving: Need to move a Piano? Don’t let just anyone move your piano! We have a team of designated experts to help move your precious instrument and we have the proper tools and dollies to accommodate such a move. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have your piano moved by experienced movers.

MSJ Moving West | References and Testimonials MSJ Moving West wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to all of our customers who send us kind words in email and phone calls. Moving your precious items is a lot of hard work and we take great pride moving you, your family or business, wherever you have to. If you wish to read some of our references, they are available on our references page. If you would like to comment on our service, your welcome to through social media, email or a phone call. Similarly, if you have any suggestions for service improvements, we would also like to know what they are.

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