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MSJ Moving West is a family-owned and operated, Ontario-based, moving company that has been proudly serving both public and private interests for more than thirty years now. We look forward to meeting and exceeding all of your agriculture moving needs with one simple phone call or email.

With many dedicated employees, we employee a team-oriented approach to each job we undertake regardless of size. We take a lot of pride in knowing that no matter what the transportation challenge may be, we can accommodate your needs.

Movers in Leamington Ontario Moving to Leamington? If this is the case, you are in for an exciting and new experience. Leamington is well known for its excellent biking paths, great parks for your family many outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Did you know that the towns water tower that is in the shape of a giant tomato. Every year, Lemington hosts a tomato festival in August. The town celebrats the stat of tomato harvesting season in addition to car shows, beauty pageant and parades.

As you know, moving requires a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. Here at MSJ Moving West we are fully aware of how difficult the process can be. As a result of this, MSJ Moving West wants to make this process as easy and stress free as possible. As a successful moving company, in business now for over thirty years, our main priority to simplify your move and make it as stress free as possible for you, from your first call to the final unpacking of the last box. Regardless if you are moving just yourself, your family or your business, MSJ Moving West has the experience and equipment to take your move a reality. No matter what your requirements are, MSJ Moving can meet all of your moving needs. We are your preferred choice for movers in Leamington.

When you choose MSJ Moving, you benefit from all of our resources. In addition to many years in the industry, our staff are also well trained on how to properly move and protect all of your precious belongings. Let MSJ Moving West be your first choice when moving locally or long distance. We supply all the necessary equipment for your move for a stress free move!

MSJ Moving West want’s you to find the right moving company for your move. This is important because hiring the right people will help elevate your stress during the important time. It’s wise to also research the company before making any decisions and to ask family, friends and colleagues if they know of any company which they can recommend. The following checklist is also availalbe on the web through Industry Canada.

You will require a PDF reader to view the content of this document. If you already have one installed, simply proceed to the next step blow. Otheriwse you can download and install one here

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The following guide titles Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers is a practical guide written by Industry Canada and a working group of moving professionals, consumer group representatives and Government officials. The guide is key to developing good practice guidelines for reputable movers and can be used with the above mentioned checklist for consumers. MSJ Moving West is proud to adhere to established guidelines and high standards

You will require a PDF reader to view the content of this document. If you already have one installed, simply proceed to the next step blow. Otheriwse you can download and install one here

Click to Download / View Consumers Check List

Planning your move can be a rather difficult and very stressful process and this is just for the step. Many people would describe their move day and the moving process itself to be downright overwhelming. Not only is it difficult, but knowing exactly what needs be done and in what order will help put your mind at ease when your moving day arrives.

Moving day can be a rather chaotic time and help keep things in control, MSJ Moving West has compiled a moving day checklist for your convenience. If we can offer one tip at this time though, it would be to get yourself organized well in advance, because come moving day, you will be ready to handle the whole ordeal, without worry or distraction.

Prepare With Kids
Have your kids pack a box of their special items. These are items they’ll want to have nearby as soon as you arrive at your new home. Suggest that they fill the box of special items which will make them feel like they are part of the move. Let your moving crew know about this box so it’s the first one that is unloaded at your new home. Keeping your child occupied and included are key’s to successful move with kids.

Mark and Set Aside Items Not to Move
As part of your planning process you should mark and set items aside that you don’t want to load and move. Marking these items will help remind you to tell the driver what not to load as you conduct your preload walk-though. Ensure your important paperwork pertaining to the move doesn’t get packed and shipped with your household goods.

Dump Garbage and Flammable Items
As part of your planning, it’s important to eliminate as much trash as you can before moving day. Last minute garbage will build up prior to and on the day of your move. You may ask a neighbour if you can leave some garbage in their container, or arrange with your moving company to have them dump it at a proper disposal site.

For safety reasons, moving companies will not load flammable items. Identify items that can’t be loaded and moved and properly dispose of them just prior to your move. If your uncertain, don’t hesitate to review our non-admissible items list or contact MSJ Moving West. Because movers can’t transport most household cleaners, they will be available for your to use throughout the day. Lastly, remember to clear out any crawl spaces or attics.

Reserve Your Spot
If your moving to a congested area, have some friends and family help you reserve some parking spots as close to your new home as possible. Do not move them until your moving trucks arrives. The closer you can get your moving crew closer to your new home, the quicker the move will be completed.

Make your move as easy and stress free as possible. Remove all obstructions prior to your moving company arriving on site. This will help speed up the moving process while keeping your move, break-free.

Clear a Path to Success
Make your move as easy and stress free as possible. Remove all obstructions prior to your moving company arriving on site. This will help speed up the moving process while keeping your move, break-free.

MSJ Moving WestRemove all door and floor mats. Your moving company will use floor runners to help protect this areas and avoid slippage

MSJ Moving WestMove all planets and potted plants from the porch, driveways and walkways

MSJ Moving WestKeep a free, clear and unobstructed path to and from the moving truck area

MSJ Moving WestRemove all low-hanging items such as wind chimes or hanging plants

MSJ Moving WestDisconnecting the spring on the door is always helpful as it will stay open during the loading and unloading process

Point out Special Items
Point out items of high-value and items are of most interest to you, during a walk through with your movers. All of your items will be handled with utmost care but take a moment or two to show them which ones need special care. Another helpful suggestion is to point out the boxes you would like to have unloaded first. These boxes may include kitchen items, children’s toys, and bathroom items.

Take care of your Moving Crew
Your moving crew will be working hard to ensure a safe and break-free move. As a result, take care of your moving crew. It’s not needed to prepare an elaborate meal, but do pick up some breakfast rolls, order a pizza for lunch. It’s a kind gesture and will be warmly received.

MSJ Moving WestWater is a vital element for your moving crew. Keep some on hand for yourself and the crew. On hot days, provide cool water. These women and men work very hard handling your import items and a cool drink can really help.

MSJ Moving WestLet your driver and crew know where they can locate beverages and food so they don’t have to ask each time.

MSJ Moving WestLet your crew know where the restroom is and ensure it’s well stocked

Decide on Tipping
To tip or not to tip is a question that comes up often. It’s up to you. Many people do tip and base it on a percentage of the total bill. However, whether or not you do it, is your choice.

Preparing your Movers
Double check all your paper work and understand it before your driver departs for your new home. If there are any outstanding items, or something that confuses you, ask your driver to explain it before you sign any paperwork.

Be sure to provide you driver with your destination contact information. Take down any information that may be provided by the driver, such as their cell, phone, pager and tracking information. Ask your driver if your shipment will be the last they will be loading and generally find out as many details as you can prior the driver leaving your residence.

Take note that if you are provided with a delivery date and time, that it’s typically only an estimate at the time of loading. Many factors can effectively alter the schedule for the driver, so remain flexible here. Ask that the driver call you with changes so that you are informed and can adjust your schedule accordingly.

One Final Check
Take one final sweep of your property before your driver leaves. Check all the closest and shelving. Check the garage if you have one, the attic and any crawl spaces and under the stairs. You don’t want to find out that something was left behind when the driver leaves.

Residential Moving: Need more square footage in your life? Maybe less? Relocating for work or other business purpose? When it comes to moving you and your family, why would you trust just any moving company with all of your personal possessions? MSJ Moving West has the perfect moving solutions for all of your residential moving needs.

Business Moving: A successful business move requires extensive planning and a smooth transition for not only your talented employees, but your business assets as well. We fully understand that any down time can mean both productivity and financial loss. Let MSJ Moving West work with your decision makers to plan, implement and execute the perfect relocation of your entire business into its new home while mitigating risk and reduce stress as much as possible.

Delivery Service: Don’t get caught off guard with expensive delivery and setup options for any newly purchased furniture or appliances. Many vendors will not mention delivery fees until you have made your purchasing decision. Why take the chance when MSJ Moving West can pick up and deliver all your items and setup or assemble furnishings at respectable rates? We even hall off old items and ensure proper disposal and recycling of all packaging material.

Heavy Hauling: MSJ Moving West is extensively called on for hauling of heavy machinery such as, farm equipment, construction equipment and specialty items. We are well known and used by many prominent construction firms and various industries around the province. If you need a rig transported, farm equipment relocated or just have large, bulky items for transport, be sure to contact MSJ Moving West for complete service at competitive rates.

Moving Supplies: On your moving day, can expect out team to show up, In full uniform with many clean-padded blankets for your furniture, all the box tape we need, a plethora of moving boxes, lots of bubble wrap and shrink wrap. We also come prepared with all the right tools to help disassemble your furniture, take down the book shelf, and ensure all your items are prepared and coordinated for safe, scratch and damage free move.

Leisure Items: Need to transport an automobile, motorcycle, see-doo or other leisure items? MSJ Moving West has been transporting leisure items from cost-to-cost for what seems like an eternity. Don’t leave the transport of these items to just any company. Instead, you can rely on MSJ Moving West to safely transport your items anywhere you need.

Packing & Unpacking: If your just too busy with the daily grind, dropping off and picking up the kids to or from school, have important appointments or a demanding career, MSJ Moving West is pleased to offer a full range of packing services in addition to crating of precious items such as paintings, motorcycles and much more.

Piano Moving: Need to move a Piano? Don’t let just anyone move your piano! We have a team of designated experts to help move your precious instrument and we have the proper tools and dollies to accommodate such a move. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have your piano moved by experienced movers.

MSJ Moving West - Customer Testimonials and References MSJ Moving West wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to all of our customers who send us kind words in email and phone calls. Moving your precious items is a lot of hard work and we take great pride moving you, your family or business, wherever you have to. If you wish to read some of our references, they are available on our references page. If you would like to comment on our service, your welcome to through social media, email or a phone call. Similarly, if you have any suggestions for service improvements, we would also like to know what they are.

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