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Movers in Cathcart With a population of just over two thousand, the town of Cathcart has traditionally relied on the abundant natural resources that surround it, primarily forestry and agriculture. Nestled between Woodstock and Brantford, Catchcart is the destination spot for tourism and retires looking for a picturesque setting. A short drive to major urban areas such as the Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, this community has preserved its downtown heritage buildings and many Victorian-era homes. Organic and farmers markets are plentiful adding to the healthy outdoor lifestyle of hiking, fishing and watersports in the summer, and many fun recreational outdoor activities in the winter. Catchart is known to be a thriving and accepting community and a great place to many to live and raise a family.

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MSJ Moving West - Superior Customer Service It didn’t take thirty to years to realize that our company must be built on a foundation of honesty, courtesy and reliability. It was just common sense. As a result, MSJ Moving West has become a preferred source for moving in Cathcart. We are a favorite amongst the farming and business community and have also moved countless famalies to and from Cathcart and surrounding areas. We know the people of Cathcart deserve the best service so why look further than MSJ Moving West? Contact us now and book a stress free move.

Packing and Unpacking is without question a stressful, time-consuming experience, so let MSJ Moving West do all the packing and unpacking. If you require a crating service, custom crating or transport of your automobile or other leisure item, we can take care of that too.

Our primary objective on moving day is our goal of providing a seamless, stress-free moving experience for you. Moving is an exciting time and we are happy to provide our moving services in Cathcart so you can enjoy the transition from one place to another.

Over the years MSJ Moving West has responded to the changing needs of our customers and have become recognized as one of the most dependable transport service companies in Ontario. We have developed exceptional expertise, giving you, our customers, the advantage of efficient handling of their cargo.

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MSJ Moving West - Heavy Hauling MSJ Moving West is a leader in transportation of over-dimensional cargo and can easily accommodate hauling services for an array or over-sized items. We are well known to the farming and construction industry which we have been serving for over thirty years.

If you have construction machinery that needs to be transported to a construction site, framing equipment you need moved, or other heavy, bulky items that require a hauling service, don’t hesitate to send us a message or contact us over the phone for the best possible quote and service. We look forward to hearing from you!

MSJ Moving West - Farm Hauling - Construction Hauling MSJ Moving West is pleased to offer transport services specifically designed around the needs and requirements of the Ontario farming and agriculture community. Heavy equipment typically requires specialized shipping considerations as a result of its size and weight. Some equipment may also require a specialized hauler for transport to it’s intended destination.

As a first step in shipping heavy item is to have the weight and accurate dimensions for your transporter. This will in turn help us determine the type of trailer that will be required for the job and special considerations need to be made. If available, the owners manual for the equipment will have dimensions and weight printed within the manual.

After carefully scrutinizing the dimensions, we will need to consider your heavy equipment transport options. Some equipment can be towed, other’s will require a flatbed or it may even require a special trailer. Shipping internationally requires different set of options.

Heavy hauling equipment can be a challenging task and as such it’s important to choose a company that specializes in this service. MSJ Moving West is here to be of assistance with all of your heavy hauling needs. Why go through a broker when you can get personalized, customized service with MSJ Moving West?

Farm Hauling Construction Hauling Piano Moving

MSJ Moving West - Common Shipped and Hauled Items Here at MSJ Moving West, we move thousands of pieces of construction and agriculture equipment, every year. We have an excellent safety record and are proud leaders. Don’t hesitate contact us for the transport of your construction or farm equipment move.

Our most commonly shipped items include:

MSJ Moving WestTractors

MSJ Moving WestSkid Steer Loaders

MSJ Moving WestBackhoes

MSJ Moving WestHydraulic Excavators

MSJ Moving WestForklifts

MSJ Moving WestHeavy Trucks

MSJ Moving WestCrawler Loaders

MSJ Moving WestBoom Lifts

MSJ Moving WestMowers

MSJ Moving WestScissorlifts

MSJ Moving WestTrenchers

MSJ Moving WestMotor Graders

MSJ Moving WestIndustrial Plant Equipment

MSJ Moving WestAgriculture / Farm Equipment

MSJ Moving WestConstruction Equipment

Piano Moving Services MSJ Moving West has over thirty years experience in the transport and moving of goods of all types, shapes, sizes and even your most prized possessions. We have the knowledge and specialized equipment to securely transport your high valued items such as pianos, antiques, TV’s, office and medical equipment.

Some items such as pianos are awkwardly shaped and can also be extremely heavy. It is often best to hire professional piano movers and not risk moving your piano without the proper knowledge and equipment. We have specifically designed dollies to move your piano as carefully as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us at your convince.

MSJ Moving West - Piano Moving Services

Piano Moving

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us, toll free. We are here to provide your with the best possible service and answer all of your questions. Regardless of type of move, we are here to provide you with a stress-free, break-free move. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Residential Moving: Need more square footage in your life? Maybe less? Relocating for work or other business purpose? When it comes to moving you and your family, why would you trust just any moving company with all of your personal possessions? MSJ Moving West has the perfect moving solutions for all of your residential moving needs.

Business Moving: A successful business move requires extensive planning and a smooth transition for not only your talented employees, but your business assets as well. We fully understand that any down time can mean both productivity and financial loss. Let MSJ Moving West work with your decision makers to plan, implement and execute the perfect relocation of your entire business into its new home while mitigating risk and reduce stress as much as possible.

Delivery Service: Don’t get caught off guard with expensive delivery and setup options for any newly purchased furniture or appliances. Many vendors will not mention delivery fees until you have made your purchasing decision. Why take the chance when MSJ Moving West can pick up and deliver all your items and setup or assemble furnishings at respectable rates? We even hall off old items and ensure proper disposal and recycling of all packaging material.

Heavy Hauling: MSJ Moving West is extensively called on for hauling of heavy machinery such as, farm equipment, construction equipment and specialty items. We are well known and used by many prominent construction firms and various industries around the province. If you need a rig transported, farm equipment relocated or just have large, bulky items for transport, be sure to contact MSJ Moving West for complete service at competitive rates.

Moving Supplies: On your moving day, can expect out team to show up, In full uniform with many clean-padded blankets for your furniture, all the box tape we need, a plethora of moving boxes, lots of bubble wrap and shrink wrap. We also come prepared with all the right tools to help disassemble your furniture, take down the book shelf, and ensure all your items are prepared and coordinated for safe, scratch and damage free move.

Leisure Items: Need to transport an automobile, motorcycle, see-doo or other leisure items? MSJ Moving West has been transporting leisure items from cost-to-cost for what seems like an eternity. Don’t leave the transport of these items to just any company. Instead, you can rely on MSJ Moving West to safely transport your items anywhere you need.

Packing & Unpacking: If your just too busy with the daily grind, dropping off and picking up the kids to or from school, have important appointments or a demanding career, MSJ Moving West is pleased to offer a full range of packing services in addition to crating of precious items such as paintings, motorcycles and much more.

Piano Moving: Need to move a Piano? Don’t let just anyone move your piano! We have a team of designated experts to help move your precious instrument and we have the proper tools and dollies to accommodate such a move. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have your piano moved by experienced movers.

MSJ Moving West wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to all of our customers who send us kind words in email and phone calls. Moving your precious items is a lot of hard work and we take great pride moving you, your family or business, wherever you have to. If you wish to read some of our references, they are available on our references page. If you would like to comment on our service, your welcome to through social media, email or a phone call. Similarly, if you have any suggestions for service improvements, we would also like to know what they are.

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